I’m baaaack! It’s me, Lambert!

I hope you liked my first two posts. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I would post more often but this Texas heat just knocks me out. Between eating, playing on the playground, meeting with visitors and napping; well there just aren’t enough hours in my day.

Lambert is Growing Up


We just had one of our big fun events at In-Sync. A Watermelon Toss! Each cat gets one or more watermelons on a hot July day. I didn’t know what to do with mine my first year here because I had never seen a watermelon before. I kinda figured it out. First you have to guard it so no one (like Rafiki) can steal it. Then you can roll it around for a while like it’s a toy. Then you can bite it or crack it or simply smash it. All great fun! Then you get to eat it. Very cool stuff. I like my watermelons.

My Mom Vicky has been super busy lately but she still visits me a few times each day. She just built a new vet clinic right here on our grounds. I can’t see it from my enclosure because Tiger Country blocks my view, but I heard it is super; with a full operating room, x-ray facilities and indoor recovery enclosures with outdoor space too. Our vet, Dr. Emily, is really happy. Now, if any of the cats needs medical attention, they can get it right here. Less stress for the cat and the staff. They just had a grand opening to thank all the people who contributed generously and worked so hard to get the clinic built. AND it has rooms on the second floor for keepers and interns. Now, everybody is happy.

I promised to show you some more pictures of me because I have grown quite a bit. Did I mention that I am now bigger than Rafiki? And he is a few months older than me. Yea!!!

You might notice that I am practicing lots of different poses. I am working very hard on trying to look regal, you know, like a king. After all, I am the king of the jungle. Or so people tell me. I’m not sure I really know what a jungle is but it is cool to be king of something.


My next post will be all about my buddy Rafiki. We are really getting to know each other. He’s pretty cool too and he has a very interesting story.

Where we live in Mane Street, we are right in the middle of lots of other cats (and 2 lemurs????). We are right next to Tiger Country with 10 tigers including 5 adult males, 3 adult females (tigresses, right?) and two cubs (one male and one female). The cubs rock! I guess all cubs rock. Their names are Kali and Odin and they like to play a lot just like me. I am still learning about Tiger Country but I’ll pass on some stuff about them in another post.

I hope you like all the pictures in this post. Remember, you can always come out to In-Sync and take your own pictures too. Lots of visitors do. Hope to see you soon!

Your friend,


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