Hi! My name is Lambert and I’m a lion.

You may know me because I am famous for sleeping with a fresh blankie every night. My blankie story was reported in 19 languages around the world. I live at In-Sync in Wylie, TX.


Everybody who knows me likes me. Of course they do. I’m a lion cub. What’s not to like? Anyway, I thought I would occasionally share some stories about myself and my friends at In-Sync.

Cute Young Lambert 2

So let’s start with my story. I was born March 22, 2014 and came to live at In-Sync that June when I was just three months old. I was pretty small then. I only weighed about 32 pounds. I never lived with other lions and tigers or any other cats so I was a little bit afraid of my neighbors in nearby enclosures.

But lucky me! A lady with silver hair took personal care of me. She really spoiled me but I deserve to be spoiled so it was ok. Her name is Vicky and she tells everyone she is my Mom. I guess she must be because she really loves me and takes great care of me…every single day. In the beginning, she would feed me my bottle everyday and make sure I was happy and healthy all the time. I guess that’s what Moms do. She is really pretty cool.

So about that blankie story. It is all true. On my first night here, my Mom thought I might be more comfortable if I had a blankie to roll-up in. She found one for me and I rolled myself up in the blankie and I was super comfortable. So now I get a fresh blankie every day. If someone on the staff forgets to give me a fresh one, Vicky will give them a real talking-to. And nobody ever messes with Vicky. Besides being my Mom, she is the founder and president of  In-Sync. It’s way cool to have a Mom who can boss everyone around. I have a great life here. Thanks, Mom.

I do sometimes wonder why all the other cats in my neighborhood don’t have blankies. I guess I’m just special.

Lambert 2x with Blankie

When I first came to In-Sync, I was put in an empty tiger enclosure with a big playground with a pool. Most lions don’t like water too much but I do. Playing in the water is fun. Especially on really hot summer days in Texas. I had a neighbor there named Rafiki. He is five months older than me. I’ll tell you more about him another time.

One day Vicky and her staff moved me and Rafiki to a lion enclosure named Mane Street. (Get it? “Mane” Street, lions have manes.) Anyway, Mane Street is cool BUT NO POOL. What’s the deal with that? I should know better than to worry. It wasn’t long before Vicky had some guys build us a nice pool in our playground. And it has three fountains too. I try to stop all the fountains with my front paws but I only have two front paws so the third fountain always soaks me. I’ll tell you more about the playgrounds at In-Sync another time.

Lambert with Fountains

I was really small when I arrived at In-Sync, but not any more. Thanks to the great food prepared by the staff and volunteers, I now weigh about 384 pounds. But I’m still cute, just bigger. Oh, and I grew a mane. It started out looking like a Mohawk but now it is much fuller and I really look like an adult lion.

Lambert's Mohawk

The adult lions sing from time to time. It’s very loud and makes everything around vibrate. I tried to sing a few months ago but it came out as a whimper and no one joined in singing with me. I’m not sure adult lions have much tolerance for wimpy singing. I keep practicing and I’m much better at it now. Now some of the other lions join in. I hope they feel that I am a real part of the lion family at In-Sync. I think they do.

I also love visitors who come to see me. They take lots of pictures. Everyone is welcome to visit In-Sync from 11:00 – 6:00, Thursday through Sunday from May 1 through October 1 and then just on Saturday and Sunday during the winter. We have a cool website and Facebook page, so check us out. The details are on my Contact page.

Well, that’s enough about me for today. In the next post, I’ll tell you more cool stuff about In-Sync and about my neighbors and friends.

Your friend,


3 thoughts on “Hi! My name is Lambert and I’m a lion.

  1. Dianne M Rapela

    Oh Lambert your Mom sounds so sweet. And Lambert you are too cool for school. I found you thru Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in GA. I’m so glad I did. Enjoy your fun times Lambie, may I call you that?? I hope someday I meet you and your Mom. Love and be Safe Dianne


      1. Dianne Rapela

        BeStill my Heart ❤️💜 Lambie. Try to stay cool in the heat. We all know you are way to cool now. Hugs.


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